DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

Warm and fuzzy blankets in cold weather feel nice. But when warm weather turns hot, it is not all cozy and soft, it is irritating. You can seek comfort in your air conditioning system, but when life is unpleasant and it is not working, you’ll end up sweating and feeling the harsh heat of the weather. The good news is, there are simple things you can do to bring your air conditioner to its top performance.

Professional AC Maintenance Service, your partner in your HVAC needs.

Your air conditioning system needs to be serviced regularly to optimize its full capacity, especially before the start of the summer season. This will help in maintaining its efficiency and effectiveness in bringing comfortable and great indoor air quality to your home. Regular maintenance can help you save on high-cost repairs, your electric bill, and a longer unit lifespan. 

Checking air filters every month can be a huge help in prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Although the technician will inspect it as part of their service, you can get ahead of it by following simple tips in maintaining your HVAC system’s life.

Do It Yourself: Tips for doing your own AC maintenance.

1. Turn the power off in the Air Conditioning unit. The dangers of working around electricity are high, so it is essential to shut off the power before working with your air conditioning unit.

2. Change your Air Filters. The most effective and simplest way to service your air conditioning unit is by changing its air filters once a month. When the filter of your HVAC system is blocked, clogged, and dirty your air conditioner has to work harder to keep up, causing overheating. By doing this, you will reduce the chance of high electricity bills and constant repairs.

3. Keep the debris and shrubs out. Your condenser unit (outside unit) needs space to breathe. Having plants or other debris around it can restrict the airflow to the unit causing a lot of problems. We recommend you keep at least 5 feet of open space around your unit. Restricting the airflow can decrease your unit's cooling capacity, overhear the compressor and motor, and cause leaks in your coil. 

4. Clean your coils and fins. Your air conditioners coils need to be kept clean at all times. Leaves, shrubs, and debris pile up around your unit without you noticing. If these are present, your system works harder than it normally should causing it to fail. You can clean the outside of your unit by using a garden hose. But make sure to not use much pressure since the coil is somewhat delicate, and the pressure from the hose can bend them. 

5. Flush your Drain Line. Keeping your drain line clear is very important to the functioning our your air conditioner. We recommend you pour 1 cup of bleach or vinegar down your drain line every month to keep it clear of any debris. On occasion, you can also plug a shop vacuum to the end of the drain line to remove as much obstruction as possible. 

A clean air conditioning unit is an efficient and effective air conditioner, but cleaning it is not a joke. It requires time and effort and isn’t always practical if you don’t have the right cleaning materials and equipment. This is why we are here, give us a call and we will take care of your AC Maintenance

At The AC Therapist, we provide different services for your air conditioning needs, from AC installation up to preventive maintenance. Our technicians not only help you with your air conditioning unit but can also guide you to effective and efficient ways to maintain it.

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