What are the Best HVAC Brands?

Best HVAC Brands

Choosing the best HVAC brand is a big decision Рtalking about superior quality, versatility, and longevity. Homeowners need to be taken into consideration when deciding which of the best air conditioning units they should get for their homes. It all depends on what you value the most in an air conditioning brand. Most homeowners consider price, warranty, lifespan, installation cost, and SEER rating when choosing an HVAC brand.

Over time, our HVAC technicians have repaired and replaced numerous HVAC systems from a variety of brands.

Some of the best HVAC brands with all things considered include:

Carrier Air Conditioners – The Best for Reliability

There are numerous reasons why homeowners prefer Carrier air conditioning units as their top air conditioner brand – specifically, because of it's reliability. Carrier brand offers more options than most manufacturers. From their wide variety of central air conditioning systems, you can securely find the best fit and exact air conditioner you need for your heating and cooling needs. This brand costs between $4,892 and $7,224 to install with a 14 SEER rating. They are also known for having highly qualified and well-trained installers and impressive customer service.

Aside from air conditioning units, they also offer gas furnaces, heat pumps, and other HVAC system types for daily use.

American Standard – The Best for Maintenance Cost

American Standard air conditioner is considered one of the best central air conditioning brands in the business. According to them, the company gets far fewer calls for repair for its air conditioning units than most other air conditioner brands in the industry – making you feel at ease about paying the premium for an air conditioning unit. The average cost for a 14 SEER installation of American Standard is approximately $3,575 up to $6,180.

Well, this brand talks a whole lot of value when it comes to the cooling and heating needs of their customers – low maintenance cost is a way to win!

Lennox – The Best for Efficiency

Out of all the brands listed on this guide, Lennox air conditioners are to be known to be the most energy-efficient. They also provide an air conditioning unit with the highest SEER rating available, ranging between 13 and 26. Lennox brand offers a piece of equipment with an efficiency rating that levels up to 98%. The average cost to install is between $3,100 and $7,350 – which extends to premium models available in the company.

Amana – The Best for Warranty

Amana air conditioning brand is a solid mid-range Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit – offering homeowners looking for air conditioning equipment in between the 13 up to 18 SEER rating range. The company also marks up to be known as one of the best HVAC companies in terms of warranties that grant the unit’s compressor Lifetime Limited Warranties in the business. This brand costs between $3,855 and $6,345 to install with a 14 SEER rating air conditioner.

Amana brand is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a substantial investment and, at the same time, the value for money in terms of heating and cooling needs throughout the year of use.

Trane – The Best for Quality

Trane is a sought-after brand of homeowners for residential central air conditioners. They are also known for upholding warranties, which offer a standard 10-year warranty that includes labor and parts. The Trane XR14 air conditioning unit has an average cost to install between $3,270 and $6,100 with a 14 SEER Rating. They have 9 model types from single-stage to variable capacity – a compact model that will fit right in smaller homes because of its sleek design.

However, Trane air conditioners are pricier than many other brands. But, you will get what you always pay for – a premium brand that offers excellent air conditioners and different HVAC system types for use. The company guarantees low running costs and exceptional quality for the price.

Speak with an HVAC Professional

Investing in a good and well-functioning air conditioning unit is no joke – there comes HVAC repair and cleaning. In all honesty, it is a single piece of equipment that can help maintain good indoor quality providing comfort all day long in 365 days. So, rather than buying a unit based on the top five list or many other lists, try to talk to your trusted HVAC contractors to find out what suits you the best.

The AC Therapist, located in Tampa, FL would always be happy to provide you with the most honest and reliable estimate on your heating and cooling installation. Kindly contact us online for more information on the best AC unit brand.