Are UV Lights Harmful?

You are in your chair sipping coffee and a good book in your left hand – the sun is up, birds are chirping, and the sky is perfectly blue. What a beautiful day, is it? But, you felt something strange – teary eyes, continuous sneezing, and sniffling. At this point, you’re wondering, “Am I allergic to the AC?” Let me tell you, dear, the simple answer is NO. However, you can have an allergic reaction to the air circulating through your air conditioning unit.

Mold and bacteria are irritating and tricky businesses for homeowners regarding their HVAC system. The buildup of organisms can eventually cause odors that can infiltrate the whole house and clog the drain line of the air conditioning system. These increase the chance of potential mildew and mold growth causing your air conditioning system to malfunction and worsen the indoor air quality of your home.

What's the best solution?

Install your UV light. UV lights help kill unwanted bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, etc. making it one of the best possible solutions in keeping your air conditioning unit clean and healthy for the long run. Harmful particles in the air can cause health complications making your home more vulnerable to disease-causing germs. UV lights have an effective rate of 99% in terms of killing mold and bacteria, especially in your air conditioner’s coils. Coils in your HVAC system is the perfect breeding ground for mildew and molds since it is moist. With time and the build-up of these unwanted organisms, the indoor air quality of your home can become unhealthy. 

Safety: Are UV lights harmful?

It is a commonly known fact that too much exposure to the sun, excessive UVB or UVA can irritate the skin, and for some cases, it can lead to skin cancer. The same goes for the UV lights you are using at home for your air conditioning unit. Direct exposure to UV lights is very hazardous, particularly in the eyes and skin. Eye damage and other complications may arise if not handled with care properly. Careful and thorough handling and installation of UV lights by a qualified HVAC professional is a must. When it comes to things like UV lights, it is best to leave it to experts. Precautionary and safety protocols are strongly considered here by qualified experts upon UV-C lights installation, to avoid and ensure that no problems and complications will arise.

Proper care and air filtration are the best defense against the circulation of microbes and bacterias within the air conditioning unit. Considering disease-causing germs and microbes, UV light with proper installation and the right conditions can be of help in carrying a healthier and fresher living.

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