Can You Install Ductwork Yourself?

Typically ductwork is the most often forgotten component in an HVAC system, by homeowners. These are tubes that are used to distribute air throughout the whole house. These duct systems partake in the cost-effectivity and efficiency of heating and cooling throughout the years of use. Having improper ductwork installed in your home can cost you heavily in the long run in things like energy waste, AC parts overworked or underworked, uncomfortable temperatures in the home, etc. 

Should You Install Ductwork Yourself or Hire a Professional? 

Some people think that the do-it-yourself type of situation is more money-saving than hiring an HVAC professional to work with your air conditioning system. Technically ductwork can be installed on your own, but it is highly advisable to seek professional HVAC work for your duct installation. Ductwork runs throughout your entire house, which can make DIY installs or repairs harder than you'd originally thought.

According to Energy Star, the average home loses about 20% up to 30% of air-conditioned air due to duct leaks, poor connections, and holes. This means if your air conditioning unit loses 30% of the air, then you are probably using your HVAC system longer than before, leading to constant repair and high electricity bills.

With those statistics in mind, should you install AC ductwork? How can you install AC ductwork properly? Any holes or poor connections can result in a lack of efficiency, which could arguably end up costing more in the long term. 

Ductwork Impacts Comfort and Health

Ductwork can deteriorate more quickly over time when not properly installed – forming cracks that allow the cooled air to escape in the attic, causing dirty air to enter your home. If you want to save money and at the same time protect your health and improve comfortability, the first line of defense you must do on your list is to pay attention closely to the signs of deteriorating ductwork. Efficient and well-designed ductwork helps in distributing air properly throughout your home without leaking, keeping all the rooms at a comfortable temperature, and leaving you fresh and cozy all day long.

Who Should Install Your Home's Ductwork? 

Keep this in mind: Sure, you can save some money installing your ductwork at home, but honestly speaking, it is not some YouTube tutorial you can watch to keep your troubles away. It is not your typical bake-your-own-cookies type of situation, and especially, it is not that easy. For an average homeowner, ductwork installation and other HVAC systems are too technical, requiring too much industry knowledge, and not the projects where you can afford to do 100% right all the time, especially if you do not have the right tools and equipment to operate.

The inexperience factor in ductwork installation can cause serious problems such as air leaking, motor overheating, improper air isolation, lack of air distribution in the home, condensation in the attic (water in your ceiling), etc. These complications can lead to energy inefficiency and higher bills. You don’t want to experience another breaking the bank situation type of thing, right? (Of course! Who does?)

Duct installations are a project for HVAC experts and professionals only. If you want to save money, you can likely do so in the short term. However, you may be paying it back with inefficiencies and sickness in the long term. 

Contact The AC Therapist With Any Ductwork or HVAC Questions

If you are concerned about the status of your ductwork at home, do not hesitate to call us, The AC Therapist. We will give you an honest evaluation of your current status with our free estimate. We offer a trusted and high-quality Duct Installation that will make your troubles away; experienced care for your heat and air.

Always remember, your air conditioning unit needs a therapist too.