How Often Should You Have Your Central Air Serviced?

The morning’s soft air, the weather becoming hotter, and the fun never stops – well, what can we say, summer is fast approaching. Thus, the use of the air conditioning system is becoming prominent as the season changes. Heating and air conditioning equipment, no matter what kind, new or old, should be maintained, cleaned, and inspected.

Here is the reason WHY...

If headaches and saving budget is the main point, routine maintenance is a must when it comes to your air conditioning system – and it should be at least once per year. However, if you were wondering if your air conditioner must be inspected even if problems do not arise, the answer is yes, it is! In this way, you are letting your equipment operate at its peak energy efficiency and be ready to cool your home during the days you need it the most.

As your HVAC system runs daily, it collects dust and dirt in its key areas that affect its effectiveness and efficiency – air filter and condensing coils. If left unchecked, your air conditioning equipment can lose almost 5 percent in terms of its operating system efficiency approximately every year, which can lead to cooling, system, and health problems.

Today is the best time to Service your Air Conditioning Unit.

When it comes to optimum efficiency of your equipment, HVAC experts suggest servicing your home air conditioning unit once a year – and Spring Season is the best time for it. However, if you want to ensure its system capacity throughout the year of use, you might want to consider adding it to your “to-do list” of home cleaning schedules. Here’s how:

1. Clean and replace the system’s air filter

There is nothing more important than a clean air filter. This is one of the easiest and most important ways to maintain your air conditioning unit. In this process, you do not need any HVAC professionals to locate your dirty air filter slot, then clean and insert a new one. However, referring to the manufacturer’s instructions about the correct size of the filter and steps in properly replacing it is a must.

2. Keeping your coils clean

Leaves and other debris around your air conditioning unit are inevitable. If any obstructions are present around your equipment, it must work harder to operate than it should. Hence, your air conditioner’s coils and fins must be kept clean and clear of any obstructions at all times.

3. Air conditioner’s performance assessment.

After you have done cleaning your air filters and coils or checking the outside of your air conditioner, assessing its performance is next on the list. Turn it on and see if your home is getting cooler – if the unit is not making any noises (such as buzzing, screeching, or thumping), then it appears to be in its tip-top shape.

Note: It is normal for the air conditioning systems to have a smell when you first switch it on. This is its way of removing excess indoor humidity and clearing out dust. Do not panic yet because this will shortly dissipate.

Other benefits you can get from routine maintenance service...

• Provides maximum efficiency that can partake in energy-saving costs.

• Potentially reduce unexpected repair

• Increased system’s reliability

• Helps in locating prior problems and fix them quickly

• Partakes in prolonging the life-span of the unit

We understand that air conditioners are a way to ease the hot and sticky feeling when the temperature is rising – and yes, it is stressful when it goes out. That is why routine maintenance is the key to an effective, efficient, and reliable air conditioning system throughout the year.

If you have not yet owned any central air conditioning system, better call your trustedĀ central air installation serviceĀ for high-quality assistance to put your mind at ease.

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