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AC Installation by Honest HVAC Company in St. Petersburg, FL.

If you are looking for an AC Installation in St. Petersburg, FLThe AC Therapist should be at the top of the list. They offer top-rated, 100% guaranteed HVAC services for those in the St. Petersburg, FL area. One of the aspects that makes their AC replacement service special is that their technicians have been trained to fix the problem the best way possible, even before thinking about getting a replacement. They are committed to fixing all kinds of problems, from the simplest to the most complex of jobs. In addition, they have a guarantee that states if they are unable to get the job done, they will not charge you a penny. They also provide a one year guarantee on most parts and labor. It is this level of dedication that makes them one of the top choices for AC Replacement in St. Petersburg, FL.

Now, you might be wondering how our AC Repair and Replacement service works. First, you should understand why you may need to perform any preventative maintenance. There are a plethora of reasons why your AC system is freezing up. You need to make sure that the air filter is free of dust and that the airflow is not lowered. These are simple tasks that any homeowner can do safely without professional help. If you need to install a new filter, then you will want to accelerate the defrosting process by switching off the system and then switching on the fan. If you also have a heat pump, you can switch it over to heat mode until the ice disappears. Once the ice has melted, you can turn the settings back to normal. In the event, the equipment freezes up again, your best bet will be to get in contact with The AC Therapist to fix the issue and utilize their AC Replacement service here in St. Petersburg, FL.

It is important to book regular maintenance work for your AC or heat pump as it will help to bypass this issue of it freezing up on a regular basis. The technicians at The AC Therapist are trained to meticulously examine and clean the unit, allowing them to spot minor issues because they become bigger problems.

Troubleshooting Your AC System 

In addition to the preventative maintenance mentioned above, there are some other things you will want to troubleshoot within your AC system before calling The AC Therapist which include:

  • Be sure the breaker is on
  • Be sure the disconnect box next to the air handler and condenser is also on
  • Check that the thermostat is in cool and fan automatic, and lower the temperature below the room temperature
  • Make sure there is water in the float switch. If there is some, use a vacuum to remove all water from the drain line
  • If you are still having issues then you will want to contact The AC Therapist for the best AC Replacement service in St. Petersburg, FL.

You might also notice that your air conditioner blows out warm air. This could be due to an issue with the compressor/outside unit or your AC is low on refrigerant. In addition, if your air conditioner is very loud, it could be the cause of the following factors: 

  • Excess debris in the unit
  • Untightened screws and bolts
  • A loud compressor
  • Dirty fan blades

Finally, if you notice your air conditioner leaking, you will want to check for the following issues:

  • A cracked or missing drain pan
  • A clogged drain line
  • A clogged air filter

Why Choose The AC Therapist?

The AC Therapist is not only committed to providing the best HVAC services, but also providing the right education to homeowners on how to best handle their HVAC units so that small problems do not become larger and more costly issues down the line. They are a family run HVAC company servicing those in the Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County for over ten years. If you would like more information, feel free to give them a call at (813) 548-5699 or you can book online and get their latest discount!  

  • No Hidden or Unexpected Charges
  • Free Estimates & Online Booking Available
  • Professionally Trained Technicians
  • Honesty is Guaranteed
  • Quick Communication & Service Within 24 Hours
  • 400+ 5 Star Reviews

Our Customers Love Us!

  • “If you ever need service for your AC, this is the place to call. The owners are SUPER nice, professional, quick and great knowledge on air conditioning etc. I recommend them with my eyes closed. They are the best!!!”

    Maria T.

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