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Westshore AC Repair

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Living in Florida can be nice, with the endless sunshine and countless outdoor activities; however, this usually means your days will also be filled with loads of heat and humidity. Florida has hot and humid summers that most people would find unbearable without air conditioning. Living without air conditioning is almost unheard of in the area, with most people who live here agreeing air conditioning is virtually a necessity. Not only will air conditioning keep you comfortable during the hot summer, but it will also keep you safe. Extreme heat is a health hazard, and reliable air conditioning will help you survive a blistering Westshore summer. When the summers are long, hot, and humid, there’s more than a good chance you will be using your air conditioner very often. Heavy usage can lead to significant wear and tear over the years. For this reason, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper care and maintenance of your AC unit. 

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Six Issues Requiring Immediate AC Repair Services 

It is also important to have at least basic working knowledge of the most common problems your air conditioner could encounter and what you can do to prevent or fix them. This can help ensure that you will only call your trusted Westshore AC repair company when truly necessary.

Air Filter Problems: An improperly maintained air filter is a common cause of air conditioning problems or breakdowns. All air conditioning units have air filters that help keep out dust and particles that can cause problems with the continuous flow of air into the system. Over time, your air filter can become saturated with dirt and dust, which can cause a significant reduction in the flow of air needed for your air conditioner to complete the cooling process. A drop in airflow can eventually lead to problems with your air conditioner, and it will have to work harder to bring the room temperature down to desired levels. Besides causing undue strain to the different components of the air conditioner, a dirty air filter will also cause it to consume more electricity, which means you’ll spend more on energy each month. Overall, ignoring air filter maintenance can cause many other problems and contribute to inefficiency in your air conditioner system. Caring for your air filter is important, and a great way to start is by following the manufacturer’s cleaning and replacement recommendations. Some AC manufacturers may have proprietary air filters that need replacement every couple of months, while some are reusable and must be cleaned when they become dirty. 

Refrigerant Leaks: Since the refrigerant is the stuff that gives your air conditioner the ability to bring down the temperature and cool the air, having a reduced volume of it in your system will significantly affect its cooling capabilities. The refrigerant is meant to circulate all over your AC and stay there, so if it gets depleted, it can only mean that there is a leak somewhere. Now would be the best time to get in touch with an AC repair company in Westshore since this is a technical issue and is best handled by trained professionals. Your AC technician should be able to figure out where the leak is coming from and determine whether we can repair the leak effectively or if your AC needs to be replaced. Only when the leak is repaired can your AC be recharged with additional refrigerant. 

Water Leaks: The scenario of water leaking from somewhere in your indoor air conditioning unit is an excellent indication that it has not been getting proper cleaning and maintenance. Over time, your air filter and the actual AC itself will accumulate copious amounts of dust and dirt, and if these are not given proper attention, a buildup of mud or gelatinous stuff can form in different areas, especially on the water drainage part. With clogged drainage, water formed by the air-cooling process will have nowhere to go and will inevitably overflow on your indoor unit. This can be devastating to your air conditioner and  home. If this is allowed to further progress, it can also cascade into other sorts of problems for your AC and can easily mean costly repairs and replacements. Air filters must be cleaned regularly to prevent this from happening. How often will depend on how frequently your AC unit is used or the manufacturer’s specifications. It is also advisable to wipe clean or lightly brush areas of your AC that have accumulated dust and dirt. Most importantly, make sure to schedule a visit with a professional Westshore AC repair company for thorough cleaning of your air conditioner at least every year.

Capacitor Problems: A capacitor is an integral part of any air conditioning system because it is the component that helps to power up the different motors, such as the compressor, blower motor, and fan motor. It is a cylindrical-shaped object that keeps healthy storage of energy that would be enough to kick start motors while also keeping the balance of this energy so that the motors will continue running efficiently. Capacitors can get burned out and compromised, and when this happens, your AC might not turn on at all since it can’t get the jolt of energy needed to start its key components. And even if your air conditioner could turn on, it might not be able to sustain its operations and may also blow nothing but warm air. AC technicians usually inspect the capacitor first whenever an air conditioner has problems turning on. A multimeter helps them to check its integrity. In worst cases, the capacitor can have some burned areas and can even be deformed, all of which are signs that it needs immediate replacement. Fortunately, capacitors are not a very expensive replacement part and also take little time to get replaced. 

Compressor: If the refrigerant is the key to the cooling capabilities of an air conditioner, then the compressor is what helps it to be circulated all over the system. Think of it in terms of a human being – the refrigerant is your AC’s blood, while the compressor is its heart. The compressor propels the refrigerant in your air conditioner so that it can complete the heat exchange process and eventually bring down the temperature in your room to relaxing levels. One of the signs that your AC compressor may not be working is when only warm air is being blown into your room. This is because the refrigerant is not able to circulate all over the AC system, and thus the heat exchange process becomes impaired. Also, if the compressor motor is silent, even when the AC is already turned on, this means it is not working. In some cases, the compressor might be working, but there are loud or strange noises emanating from its location. When your air conditioner’s compressor is having some problems, you’re going to need to have it checked by a qualified AC technician and determine if your system can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Frozen Evaporator Coils: Evaporator coils play an integral part in the cooling process of an air conditioning system as it mainly absorbs the heat inside a room and cycles it back as cold air until the desired temperature is reached. When your air conditioning unit is not getting regular cleaning and maintenance, chances are the air circulation needed by the evaporator coil can be significantly hampered, and this can cause it to become frozen over time. Once evaporator coils become frozen, the heat exchange process can’t be completed, so only warm air will be felt coming from your air conditioning unit. It is imperative that you immediately stop the operation of your AC if this happens, as it can cause significant damage to its important parts, especially the compressor. It would also be a good idea to contact your trusted Westshore AC repair company to have the problem checked and fixed immediately.


Westshore Thermostat Repair and Replacement 

The thermostat is the device that controls the operation of your air conditioning unit. It essentially tells your AC system when to start and when to stop working. If the thermostat becomes faulty, incorrectly calibrated, or is directly getting exposed to the sun’s rays, it could spell trouble for the overall operation of your air conditioning unit. A compromised thermostat can cause your AC not to turn on, or cause fluctuations in the temperature, thereby preventing it from providing a cool and comfortable environment in your house. It can also cause your AC to work harder since it is getting the wrong reading of the ambient temperature, which ultimately leads to a higher electricity bill. An AC technician should be able to check for problems with your thermostat and determine whether it needs to be replaced with a new and more efficient one or if it simply needs recalibration. Need fast and reliable thermostat installation in Westshore? With our state-of-the-art thermostat technology, you’ll be blown away at what other features your air conditioner will provide. Our new lineup of thermostats from Honeywell, Eco-bee, and Nest offer features such as Geo-Fence Technology, Scheduling, Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart learning. 

Westshore AC Repair Professionals You Can Truly Trust

During a hot Florida summer in Westshore, the last thing you want to deal with is your air conditioner breaking down. What’s worst? Having to wait days for service is frustrating. At The AC Therapist, we provide experienced care for your air conditioning. We offer a wide range of important services, from regular cleaning and maintenance of your AC to troubleshooting, installation, and repairs. All it just takes is a quick visit to our website and book an appointment in a snap. With the AC Therapist by your side, you can look forward to top-notch service and professionalism to go along with the quality of our work. You can be sure that only professionally trained expert technicians will be handling your AC, with our service coming to your door within 24 hours. Our team of customer-oriented representatives is standing by, ready for your inquiries and bookings. You can count on us to deliver reliable AC services with total honesty and integrity. You don’t have to worry about hidden or unexpected charges on your bill. Our goal is to provide professional AC repair solutions customers can trust. 

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The AC Therapist is not only committed to providing the best HVAC services, but also providing the right education to homeowners on how to best handle their HVAC units so that small problems do not become larger and more costly issues down the line. They are a family run HVAC company servicing those in the Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County for over ten years. If you would like more information, feel free to give them a call at (813) 548-5699 or you can book online and get their latest discount!  

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